Flow with the Day

What a monumental shift on the perspective of your day when you slow your pace & become aware of the quality you put forth. Notice that I didn’t include quantity. Our days are often constructed around the amount of things we can get done. That some how accomplishing a variety of tasks equates to my […]

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Dig Deeper

Its scary, intimidating and challenging; but essential for personal growth and a deeper understanding of self. Digging deeper into why the continuous cycles of anxiety, stress, the need for perfection, security etc. enlightens the path back to the foundation of why this cycle continues. Behavior, thoughts, physical feelings are all patterns that play a role […]

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A Healthy Awareness

Its not uncommon to become distracted and engulfed in the worlds chaos as well as your own. In times like these where many have fewer things to do and more time on our hands feeling frustrated, not motivated, and fatigued. This can come in different forms, whether that be your increased interactions on social media, […]

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